Service: Publicity

Despite the rise of other information platforms, at-stop publicity remains a critical part of any public transport information offering. Indeed, innovation in at-stop publicity is increasing, with the addition of local maps and integration of real-time elements through QR codes. As well as the services outlined here, Trapeze’s publicity experts can help you understand how technology can improve delivery of service information to the travelling public, so please do get in touch with any requirements you may have.

E Ink Publicity Design

Trapeze’s bus stop publicity design service can offer layouts compatible with E Ink (Electronic Ink, as used in Amazon’s Kindle and other E Readers) displays. This technology has the benefit of being easy to update when...

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Publicity Design

Trapeze offers a bus stop publicity design service for creating templates tailored to the needs of each organisation. The service can include the following elements: Customised design for your organisation Incorporation of...

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