Service: Training

When you first go live with Trapeze you do of course receive full system training to enable you to get up and running. However, it is a great idea to continue to invest in training in order to continue and extend use of your technology investment; and also to increase staff engagement and retention.

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  • Benefits for the organisation:
    • Improve effectiveness of staff
    • Retention of knowledge within the organisation
    • Staff engagement and retention
    • Reduce costly operator errors
  • Benefits for staff:
    • Become a SuperUser
    • Career advancement (make yourself indispensable)


Typically we offer three types of training: on-site, Trapeze-hosted, and WebEx. Each has its place, as outlined below:

  • On-site training

With this type of training one of our experts visits your organisation to train required staff. This tends to be the most suitable option when a) you want to train more than a couple of people, b) staff would benefit from being trained in a familiar environment, with their own technology and tools.

  • Trapeze-hosted training

In this scenario members of your team visit the Trapeze office to be trained by one of our experts. This is best suited to situations where a) you are training a small number of people (usually one or two), b) it would be beneficial for staff to get away from their regular working environment to completely focus their attention on the learning.

  • WebEx training

Here we would host an online training course in which the Trapeze expert trains staff using screen sharing. This is a sensible option if a) geography makes in-person training inconvenient or uneconomical, b) the training in question is relatively short. Whenever arranging training we always review these options with you in order to determine the most effective and economical option for your particular requirements.

Holiday Matrix

Holiday Matrix is core functionality within both NOVUS RT and NOVUS FX which allows users to quickly and easily modify schedules and timetables for holidays and other ‘special’ days of the year where schedules vary from the...

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Bespoke Training Courses

Every organisation is unique and has specific ways of working, which of course impacts on training requirements. While we will adapt any of our standard training packages to your needs, we can also produce a fully bespoke...

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Managing Penalties

This course provides users with the knowledge and skills required to define and apply penalty points and payments to contractors and perform associated administrative tasks. It is suitable for System Managers, SuperUsers,...

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Escort Management in PASS

This course ensures users are able to manage escorts or passenger assistants within PASS and other Trapeze products. It is suitable for SuperUsers and System Managers. Typical course duration: 1 day

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Becoming a System Superuser Workshop

During implementation, much of the system has to be configured to meet the needs of the specific organisation. This SuperUser workshop ensures Implementation Specialists, SuperUsers and System Managers can review the...

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Managing Destinations

In PASS or Novus DR, Destinations may be Locations, Location Programs, Bus Stops or other addresses. There are also frequent locations stored against client records using the booking model. In RouteWise destinations could be bus...

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Trip Booking in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course ensures booking staff and contact centre staff are able to book trips in PASS or NOVUS DR. Based on the organisation’s requirements, this may or may not include single insert scheduling to existing runs; scheduling...

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Managing Form Letters

Finance & contracts or Routewise can be used to produce documentation relating to awarding contracts, providing trip details to passengers, querying operator invoices etc. This course shows delegates how to create and amend...

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Archiving in PASS & RouteWise

Archiving and deletion of data can be complicated but it is often a requirement of organisations, especially if dealing with time sensitive data which expires of sensitive personal data. This course shows delegates how to...

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Group Booking in PASS

Group bookings can be used to ensure passenger groups are transported together or merely to manage arrival and departure times for passengers to be transported in separate vehicles. Group bookings can also apply to single...

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Dispatching in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course outlines the features available to Dispatchers within PASS or NOVUS DR. After attending this course, delegates are able to use the Dispatch Screen and Trip Edit functions. Where mobile data is included, this course...

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Provider / Call Centre Security

This course outlines the management of Provider Security or Call Centre Security. After attending this course, delegates will be able to set up and manage security groups that so that subsets of data (e.g. clients or booking...

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PASS Ops Overview and Data Set-Up

This course introduces delegates to the Trapeze PASS Ops module, enabling users to update vehicle profiles and create rotas for drivers. It is suitable for Fleet and System Managers. Typical course duration: 1 day

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Fares in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course introduces the topic of faring within PASS, enabling users to create and manage fare profiles, and apply them to trip bookings. It is suitable for SuperUsers and System Managers. Typical course duration: 1...

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System Management & Administration

This course enables delegates to perform system administrative tasks such as managing users and access rights; routine system restarts; and basic troubleshooting to assist in the day to day running of the system. It also...

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Reporting and Data Extraction

This course teaches delegates how to make best use of the standard reports available to them. Users learn how to extract data for specific transport provision, and how to prepare and analyse basic statistical information on an...

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Map Management in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course enables delegates to manage map data such as road speeds (average and by segment), polygons (used to define areas of the map for a variety of purposes from fare calculation to enforcing route timetables) and distance...

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Run Management in PASS & NOVUS DR

This module ensures delegates are able to manage runs in PASS or NOVUS DR. A run is defined as a vehicle with driver (and Passenger Attendant if required) leaving a depot, transporting passengers and returning to the depot....

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Client Management in Schools & DRT

This course ensures attendees have the knowledge and tools required to use their Trapeze technology to manage passengers within the system. It covers adding new clients, amending client records and setting transport needs on a...

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Basic Fixed Route Scheduling

This course enables attendees to use their Trapeze software to book and schedule trips to available vehicles. It covers both route building and scheduling as well as (where appropriate) blocking and runcutting. The course is...

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Basic Schools & DRT Scheduling

This course enables attendees to book trips and schedule trips to available vehicles. It covers both Casual (one-off) trips and Subscriptions (regular work). The course is suitable for Schedulers, Dispatchers, SuperUsers and...

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SQL Report Writing

This course ensures delegates have the skills needed to create, modify and run SQL-based reports. Course overview: Understanding the structure of the SQL database Performing basic database queries Utilising SQL SELECT statements...

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Report Utilisation Training

The reporting functionality in your Trapeze technology is hugely valuable, yet many customers don’t take full advantage of the information available to them. We can offer training to ensure users are able to effectively use...

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Getting to grips with TransXChange

TransXChange is the nationwide standard for exchanging bus schedule data and is the format in which local authorities and PTEs receive electronic bus route registrations. This course provides attendees with the skills needed to...

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Advancement training (after go-live)

While new system go-lives are of course accompanied by system training, it is often a good idea to arrange for additional training at a later date, when users who are now fully familiar with the system can explore advanced...

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“On boarding” for new staff

It may be tempting to ‘muddle through’ with on boarding, allowing new users to either pick things up for themselves, or asking other users to provide training as best they can. There are several risks associated with this...

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