Tag: Bespoke

APP development

Trapeze can build apps across all major platforms, and have created national award-recognised apps such as those delivered for Traveline Scotland and Gloucestershire County Council. We are also experienced at integrating...

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API development

Should you have a need for an application interface either from a Trapeze product to an external system or a need for an external system to access data from a Trapeze product we can work with you to design and develop...

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Bespoke & Custom Developments

Should you have a need for customised functionality, Trapeze can deliver this as a bespoke, personalised development project. In this instance Trapeze can work with you to agree the scope of the requirements for your specific...

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E Ink Publicity Design

Trapeze’s bus stop publicity design service can offer layouts compatible with E Ink (Electronic Ink, as used in Amazon’s Kindle and other E Readers) displays. This technology has the benefit of being easy to update when...

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Bespoke Training Courses

Every organisation is unique and has specific ways of working, which of course impacts on training requirements. While we will adapt any of our standard training packages to your needs, we can also produce a fully bespoke...

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Publicity Design

Trapeze offers a bus stop publicity design service for creating templates tailored to the needs of each organisation. The service can include the following elements: Customised design for your organisation Incorporation of...

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