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Managed Schools Scheduling

Trapeze is able to offer a school transport scheduling service for Local Authorities and PTEs. The service can include the following elements: Optimised scheduling for bulk (typically 80%) of ‘standard’ work Internal experts...

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Trip Booking in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course ensures booking staff and contact centre staff are able to book trips in PASS or NOVUS DR. Based on the organisation’s requirements, this may or may not include single insert scheduling to existing runs; scheduling...

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Dispatching in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course outlines the features available to Dispatchers within PASS or NOVUS DR. After attending this course, delegates are able to use the Dispatch Screen and Trip Edit functions. Where mobile data is included, this course...

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Fares in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course introduces the topic of faring within PASS, enabling users to create and manage fare profiles, and apply them to trip bookings. It is suitable for SuperUsers and System Managers. Typical course duration: 1...

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Map Management in PASS & NOVUS DR

This course enables delegates to manage map data such as road speeds (average and by segment), polygons (used to define areas of the map for a variety of purposes from fare calculation to enforcing route timetables) and distance...

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Run Management in PASS & NOVUS DR

This module ensures delegates are able to manage runs in PASS or NOVUS DR. A run is defined as a vehicle with driver (and Passenger Attendant if required) leaving a depot, transporting passengers and returning to the depot....

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Client Management in Schools & DRT

This course ensures attendees have the knowledge and tools required to use their Trapeze technology to manage passengers within the system. It covers adding new clients, amending client records and setting transport needs on a...

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Basic Schools & DRT Scheduling

This course enables attendees to book trips and schedule trips to available vehicles. It covers both Casual (one-off) trips and Subscriptions (regular work). The course is suitable for Schedulers, Dispatchers, SuperUsers and...

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