Local Authority and PTE staff often face difficulty when SIRI connection failures result in RTPI not being displayed on a sign. In such instances authority staff have a requirement to ensure accurate information is presented to the public, but all too often they have little control over the data production or transmission, making it difficult to trace the source of an issue, and preventing speedy resolution and restoration of accurate RTPI.

Additionally, with greater numbers of authorities moving towards a ‘Data Broker’ model, reliance on external data connections is increasing, accentuating the issue and increasing the need for improved visibility of external connections.

SIRI Connection Monitoring solves this issue by presenting authority staff with a dashboard that show all inputs (VM in) and outputs (SM out) of the RTPI system. Using this dashboard, users can:

  • Instantly see whether each SIRI connection is working or not
  • View current data throughput for each SIRI connection
  • Conduct historic reports to identify if and why signs were down at particular times


  • Fast issue identification, diagnosis and resolution to ensure continuity of reliable RTPI
  • Reliable information improves dialogue with local operators
  • Reduce admin relating to RTPI failures

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